In a quiet corner of our hotel there is a Finnish sauna, ideal for feeling regenerated. Next to the sauna is a wellness zone with a large jacuzzi and relax area. On the way to the rest area, a hot and cold foot bath will boost your circulation and refresh you after the sauna.

In the wellness zone, there is also a massage and treatment room. You can request the range of treatments we offer at the reception or through our spa menu.

Istrian Spa Experience

Authentic Ritulas

Prepare your body and spirit for an unforgettable experience of complete relaxation and balance that these authentic rituals bring with a combination of massage techniques and the gifts of nature poured into drops of aromatic oils and natural cosmetics. Feel the benefits of our offer, immerse yourself in an oasis of peace, and reconnect with your own nature.

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Back to nature
90’ / 180€ / 1.350kn

Highly revitalising body and spirit ritual with original products

Pulpa di oliva
60’ / 120€ / 900kn

Anti-ageing organic body ritual with olive pomace

Parenzana sunrise pleasure
80’ / 160€ / 1.200kn

Aromatic pre-sun relaxation ritual with grapes

Parenzana sunset pleasure
80’ / 160€ / 1.200kn

Skin care and nourishment ritual – ideal after sun exposure

Signature massages

Take time out for yourself and give your body a break, complete relaxation and satisfaction with an authentic experience of Istria.

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San Canzian welcome touch
80’ / 140€ / 1.050kn

Signature welcome wine therapy massage

Lavender de-stress
45’ / 80€ / 600kn

Carefully designed stress relief massage

Scent of the Mediterranean
30’ / 55€ / 415kn
60’ / 96€ / 720kn
90’ / 140€ / 1.050kn

Tension and pain relief body massage with Mediterranean herbs

Luxury Spa Experience

Alqvimia Rituals

The centuries-old secrets of alchemy are integrated into these luxurious body and facial rituals. Let this magical treatment pamper your mind and soul along with your body. This divine experience involves a full immersion in the magical world of ALQVIMIA, where clients are wrapped in the luxurious scents of exotic essential oils and the therapist’s complete devotion.

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Oasis of serenity
90’ / 180€ / 1.350kn

Extremely effective anti-stress ritual for a feeling of peace and deep relaxation

Queen of the Adriatic
90’ / 180€ / 1.350kn

Luxury beauty and regeneration ritual

Garden of wishes – for her
120’ / 250€ / 1.875kn

Exclusive face and body ritual for the power of female sensuality

Garden of wishes – for him
120’ / 250€ / 1.875kn

Exclusive male face and body ritual for the power of your own authenticity

Alqvimia Face

The face is the mirror of the soul. Let us recommend an Alqvimia facial treatment that will rejuvenate you.

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Eternal Youth
105’ / 200€ / 1.500kn

Highly effective intensive anti-ageing facial treatment

60’ / 110€ / 850kn

Individualised facial treatments adapted to the specific type and needs of the skin

Rejuvenate 100’€ / 750kn

Deep care and regeneration. Recommended for mature and oxidised skin

Nourish 110’€ / 850kn

Intense hydration and fresh look. Especially suitable for dry skin

Calm 100’€ / 750kn

Regenerating and soothing treatment especially suitable for sensitive skin