After three successful years, the fashionable Noel in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, has been awarded its first Michelin star. Today, we are proud to present our second restaurant in the luxurious and charming San Canzian Village & Hotel.


Luciano Restaurant was named after one of our most important suppliers of authentic Istrian products. Along with premium local, preferably eco, ingredients the most important factor for success of the restaurant is the team. Leading our amazing team is young star in the Croatian culinary sky – Chef Mario Mandarić.

Precise but not pretentious cooking, where supreme local ingredient is the leading star, distinguishes our chef, who has refined his culinary style by discovering the unusual cuisines of the world.

Exquisite breakfast is created from local and predominately organic ingredients made in house, followed by a la carte lunch offering modern presentation of traditional Istrian dishes like Istrian stew “maneštra”, homemade traditional pasta “pljukanci” and seasonal truffles in a warm and relaxing environment of our bistro. 

In the evening, Mario demonstrates his style and shows that years spent at the famous London Restaurant The Fat Duck, by renowned Heston Blumenthal, have expanded his excellent culinary skills.

Tasting menu, inspired by Istria and paired with premium wines from our walk-in wine cellar, will please even the most experienced fine dining connoisseur.