Boris Ružić

Renowned Croatian interior designer Boris Ružić is not only our partner but also a friend.
We worked with Boris on creating this project and its bedazzling design, which will leave you breathless. We are proud to cite Boris when he spoke of his work on San Canzian: “The style of this project could be described as eclectic. This blend of different styles is by no means a simple one –
you can’t just simply mix a bunch of different elements together. It was of utmost importance that all different elements function harmoniously at first sight, and, as a unity, to radiate a unique charm, to be original, and to play by combining the incompatible, which is the main rule of this style. Therefore, the style of the San Canzian project can be perceived as traditional-minimalistic-eclectic, done my way, with Istria as my everlasting inspiration”.

Boris will always be a dear guest in our village, and we hope it will serve him as an inspiration for many of his future projects.


Chef Goran Kočiš and sommelier Ivan Jug joined forces three years ago and opened their first restaurant in Zagreb. From the very beginning, their goal was to offer top-notch service and food creations, made from premium ingredients.
Their vision came true and turned into an acclaimed, first fine-dining restaurant in Zagreb, which was awarded a Michelin star in 2019.

Noel Restaurant has also been named the best restaurant in Zagreb for the second year in a row.
Noel’s premium culinary skills, which redefined the culinary scene in Zagreb, are now moving to a charming Istrian setting, in collaboration with
San Canzian Village & Hotel.

The culinary team draws inexhaustible inspiration from the Istrian terroir, and base their creations on authentic Istrian delicacies, enriched by the unique magical skills of Noel’s culinary virtuosos.