San Canzian Hotel & Residences

Placed in the heart of Istria, San Canzian is an authentic luxury Hotel & Residences, with 28 rooms and suites, situated in a medieval village of Mužolini Donji, near Buje and Grožnjan, a 14th-century Venetian fortress, reborn as the most important art colony in Istria.

The location known from the ancient times as Kastion/Castrum/Castiloni is situated in Mužolini Donji, between Buje and Krasica. This fort and its surroundings were always a secret safe place for the locals. Fertile valleys and fresh water, olives and wine, all prerequisites for a good life.

A small Romanesque chapel was named after St Cantianus. The fortress is long gone, for centuries now, and the only thing remaining are the chapel foundations. But nature has stayed the same. It is still a secret place and a starting point for all travelers who come to explore and enjoy Istria. The San Canzian estate was entirely transformed and renovated with care and finesse of every detail with Istria as everlasting inspiration.

Our interior design is deeply rooted and inspired by indigenous ways of building, but with modern solutions, and immaculately blended in a medieval exterior setting.

You are about to treat your taste buds with premium culinary pleasures. Istria is a wonderland of fine, award-winning olive oils and wines, and at San Canzian you will have the perfect opportunity to enjoy the delicious creations by food aficionados and bespoken Chef at the Luciano Restaurant & Bar.

San Canzian Hotel & Residences is the perfect place for gathering and all your bright and sunny moments.