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Village & Hotel

Welcome to the premium experience of the Istrian countryside!

San Canzian Village & Hotel, with its authentic vibe of the unique Istrian heritage and rural architecture, where the traditional meets the modern, gives you the opportunity to experience the Istrian countryside.

San Canzian offers everything – from an authentic experience, unique heritage concept, to custom art and locally influenced design, along with a highly-personalized service. Our guests can savor our locally inspired food and drinks and enjoy it within San Canzian’s distinctive architecture and exceptional setting.
Enjoy the ultimate Istrian luxury at San Canzian, the place that feels like a dream home!


All rooms and suites are individually styled and designed, inspired by the contemporary luxury and the charm of the Istrian countryside, offering a unique and sophisticated experience to our guests.

What we offer

Regenerate and relax surrounded by beautiful untouched nature or take a dip in the pool overlooking the olive gardens and vineyards of San Canzian.

When it comes to Food & Wine, the best of Istria awaits you at your table. Our gardeners, local farmers and winemakers deliver the best of Istria, while our Chefs create perfect gourmet symphonies for you to enjoy.

Explore your surroundings

Explore and enjoy Istria – our team is here to fulfil all your adventurous wishes.

Let us take you on a unique experience – a fascinating trip through old towns and villages
and breathtaking landscapes!

No matter how well you know Istria, it will always remain mysterious. Something will always stay unexplored and unknown. The unknown land, Terra Incognita, the old cartographers would write when they would stumble upon the yet unexplored ends of the world. Something is always awaiting a curious man, a traveler. Nature, history, gastronomy, music…